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Cruising is one of the most exciting vacations you could choose. Imagine waking up to a new paradise as you sail into the harbour of your next port of call! Cruise ships are a destination all of their own! You say you want excitment? Try rockclimbing 11 stories above the sea, Zip-Lining from one deck to another or maybe you just want to sit and watchyour family have the time of thier lives sliding down the twister slide. Every port of call offersa beautiful beach that is just calling your name,a chance to explore the island or an experience of a lifetime as you venture off on one of the many shore excursions.

When you Cruise you get to live out all your dreams and never unpack more than once!

Call us now ~ we will match your ideas of the perfect cruise....... to the perfect cruise ship!

Call and speak to Louise, with 40 years in the travel industry she will set your sails in the right direction!
Our office is located in Saco, Maine, (207) 282-8999

Head for the vacation of a lifetime on the high seas. Enjoy the excitement of a cruise with the destination of your choice. With a long list of exotic and historic destinations you'll find your next cruise on our website. Explore fascinating ports, relax in luxurious accommodations, and let loose with all the fun-filled activities on board the ocean liner of your choice.

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